2020 has been a gauntlet of anxiety, fear and perpetually rising tensions. A toxic stew of real world tragedies and claustrophobic conditions that have made many people yearn for simpler times. The movie industry has taken an absolute beating this year. One of our most fundamental establishments for dedicated distraction…

Felix Kjellberg aka Pewdiepie just wanted to entertain people and play games on YouTube. But through a series of unfortunate gaffes, he’s become an icon to the alt-right and an easy target for the mainstream media.

There are few people in entertainment that have the kind of fame that Felix…

How social media made me say goodbye to Star Wars

There are moments in life where you achieve a sense of clarity; brief glimpses of the world from a different perspective where you can see the folly of repetitive behavior and a potential solution presents itself. For me it was…

anghus houvouras

screenwriter, novelist, columnist. His new book “In the Absence of Good Men” is now available.

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